Really….everyday I’m shufflin.

I am a random guy living in a random world writing random stuff and trying to be random bcz that is the most random thing I can think of doing that being random is so random that writing this gets random where it should not be random but should have meaning but it does not have meaning bcz that wont serve the purpose of being random.

So in a nutshell…this page is about me scribbling randomly over topics that I start thinking of just out of the blue.
Most of these poems or writings don’t take me more than 3-4 minutes…except for a few exceptional ones (the better quality ones did take time :P)

Writing remains a passion and although I admit I don’t like writing in the conventional senses…I scribble more than I write but over time this has become more than a page to vent out for me. It has become a source of new ideas which I like to share in hope people can relate to it as well.



2 Responses to About

  1. Dada says:

    hello dear, I have heard that you are a sovereign prince of greenpiece…
    Am I fucking right?

  2. shahbaz nazir says:

    i dnt knw anything about poetry but it is motivational and very well describes the feelings every one feels once in a while specially students at lums when trying to fight personal demons :p

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