The Creed I Believe In

Disclaimer – This post is heavily inspired from song titles by Creed which wasn’t intentional but a welcome addition when I later realized what had happened.

Take a hurt, wounded soul and let it find its way. Broken and crippled, it will struggle along its path taking more hits on its journey, having little reason to carry on but it does not yield.

Oh, it does not yield.

Torn and in its own prison, it struggles against a faceless man while pondering whats this life for – a plethora of questions that take its own toll on the conscious and the being of the soul.

Lost and confused it gets weaker by the day but yet, somehow, it manages to soldier on. Even when lost and weathered, it knows of a force that resides inside us all.

But it wasn’t always like this. One can say there was a time when it thought it had reached its peak. Heads turned, compliments flowed, its genius was awed by the masses and it was well known throughout. Everyone seemed to have its back and it did not feel alone.

But was it?

Its funny how sometimes things tend to fall just when one thinks everything is in order. The people who seemed to ever present slowly seemed to fade away; the mind that was always at peace now was battling questions about the present and what was to come; the heart grew restless as it sensed an impending change. The soul knew it was only a matter of time but it was easier to ignore the signs than fall into the pit just yet.

But everyone has to.

The battles are different for everyone. What starts as a murmur grows into a crescendo, a deafening noise that becomes too much to take. One can run away from it but till when?

The moment when one takes the plunge is the scariest of them all, however, that is all it is – a moment. The fear hits home and just when it seems one might not be able to soak in the pressure any longer, its over.

Its always like this – the fear, the illusion and finally – realization.

Realization that soul can soak up more dirt and yet keep on its journey. Once one realizes that, they have come full circle on their journey.

We all are on a journey and everyone has a different path to climb the mountain, however, one needs to be open to accommodate the good and the bad. It is important to remember – the feelings and moments are temporary,

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Rumi, The Guest House)

So just when the soul is about to give up, it sees a light up ahead and it pulls itself together once more and is on its way. Mustering its strength once more, wiping the sweat from its brow, it prepares itself for another assault and with its tired legs it rolls on once more. Its support is its never dying will – don’t forget that; it wont let you down,

An old man by a sea shore at the end of day
Gazes the horizon with sea winds in his face.
Tempest-tossed island, seasons all the same.
Anchorage unpainted and a ship without a name.

Sea without a shore for the vanished one unheard
He lightens the beacon, light at the end of world.
Showing the way, lighting hope in their hearts,
The ones and their travels homeward from afar.

This is for long-forgotten light at the end of the world.
Horizon’s crying the tears he left behind long ago.

The albatross is flying, making him daydream
The time before he became – one of the world`s unseen
Princess in the tower, children in the fields –
Life gave him it all: an island of the universe.

Now his love`s a memory, a ghost in the fog.
He sets the sails one last time saying farewell to the world.
Anchor to the water, seabed far below,
Grass still in his feet and a smile beneath his brow.
(Nightwish, The Islander)


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