An old man was sitting once,
Waiting for a call,
Or any word from a friend,

A letter of happiness,
Or any sound to make him content,

He waited all the time,
Bright days or dark nights,
His desperation grew as silence reigned where sounds crashed before,
People were all around and now it was him,
Or maybe he felt that way since a great part of his life got over so quick,

He cajoled himself to sleep only to wake up in sweat,
Nightmares were even in darkness,
No monsters came by even from regret,

His thoughts narrowed as his heart grew heavy,
He looked young but was growing old by the minute,
His eyes could reflect the anguish,
The fire that once was, now racked in pain,

But it was pain he couldn’t explain,
He never needed someone,
Why the urge now?
Why was someone so important that something bugged him now?

In his thoughts, the old man remained lost all day,
Wishing for an outer body experience,
Wishing it all became okay,
He was so comfortable with himself,
What happened now that it changed his way?

That was a thought that eluded him for now,

I had seen this old man for quite a while,
Saw him as he gave in to life,
While his posture grew bent,
While he resigned to his chair,
And stayed there throughout the day,

He mentioned he had dreams and he thrived in ambition,
Passion drove him and he sought love like anyone else,
He had been foolish, he had been naive,
But he had a good heart,
It made me sad he had grown so old and given up like this,

Old man, old man,
Someone’s calling out but he doesn’t respond,
Old man old man,
Why isn’t he saying anything,

Old man old man,
I feel a tug on my shirt,
Old man old man,
I look down and see a child,
Old man old man,
Why are you always lost in your thoughts?

Wake up.


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Everyday I'm shufflin.
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