The Question on Faith

Faith is good,
Trust feels great,
It’s a strong feeling,
When everything is going your way,

But when time gets old,
You got scars apparent on your face,
You start to find out,
Wasn’t that easy what you took in your stride,

God of this paradox,
Savior of jesus,
Creator of judas,
There is something for everyone,

For the sake of a better way,
Taking pictures of a glorious day,
How do you do today?
What’s about this day that takes your breath away?

Living amongst Brutus,
Dreaming for Caesar,
Cuts like a knife,
When you realize you stood for empty promises and hollow chances,

There is a time for finding out,
When the executioner gets his chance at you,
When you stand at the guillotine,
Even you didn’t work for your best,

Something’s shine and sway you away,
Hi Mrs. Jackson, I am going away today,
It’s okay I know where I am going,
That glittering I see is the end of the tunnel,

Hollow words, hollow words,
All that glitters is not gold,
The scars need to come,
It’s not a deserted road,
It’s a forest with thorns along the way,

But the factory of faith keeps running,
Learnt to run, fell short to swim,
The cliches continue,
Did I let you know?
I am still on my way.


About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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