Stop, Wait, Rewind

Stop the  motion and rewind,
let’s go to the places we despise,
Salutations for the brave,
Who had to bear the brunt on their souls,

Survived the onslaught,
But living frugally nonetheless,
Let’s not fuck around with meaningless words,
Let’s not abandon you in this sea of snakes,

The trip down memory lane was for the good,
Not to lead you astray once again,
You and I share that memory,
Breaking promises and broken ideals,

Trapped in a crescendo,
Ah, the twilight of my cliches,
Draw your dreams once more,
Even out of spite,

Forced positivity is good for the soul even,
The only way you retain some spirituality to survive,
The search for identity remains a question,
But you are getting somewhere,

The actions and the beliefs have an end,
You just have to begin,
And you are well on your way,


About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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