Catharsis o Brother!

Grimace, whats in a face,
Even being two faced has lost its grace,

I thought I’d follow a saint down the valley,
Only to be pushed off path and led astray,

Its not normal to be waiting for a ghost train,
Nullify my senses to no more gain,

Trains led my imagination,
Now transcending to pain,

Hope was a distant friend,
A friend that seldom remains,

But I see its path and occasionally set out my hands,
In hope someone would grab it and take me to that land,

Its been a while I’ve seen you friend,
Its been a while I’ve sensed that strength,

Scars in the country that doesn’t seem home,
When people like my own are shattered for a faith they shouldn’t be afraid for no more,

Before you I did not believe in a selfless deed,
Now I don’t see any selfishness in any of your deeds,

 I yearned for love all my life and forgot what it was like at home,
I am in my bubble, straying from issues that matter so much more,

If this is my abode, then why don’t I sense my friends no more,
Hope, you need to visit my door once more,

Its been a while,
I can’t wait all my life,

If you can’t come, I’l be on my way,
I just packed my bags, I’ll walk if there is no train.

I can’t wait.


About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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