There are always doubts.

There are always questions.

Why did we start this war?
Who was responsible for that genocide?
When will we stand up for our rights?
Why did we not save that life instead of making it a headline for the evening news?

Where is our morality?

Where do we stand now within the cusps of humanity?

What is it to be human after all?

It is easy to forget what little good we have done in life and it’s harder to remember why we have done it. It is easy to lose ourselves in this rat race where we contend, compete, criticize and critique. Positivity and optimism have given way to skepticism and anarchy more than anything.

We have chosen this path. Just like how we had chosen to go to the moon or explore the depths of the universe.

Sadly, we have decided to add breadth but not depth to our findings. “Why” does not have an actual answer because somewhere along the lines you cannot comprehend the answers in your mind.

We have been taught to yearn for “The Dream” but what is it?
Security, money, comforts?, but for far too long we have dreamed about the end product without actually thinking about the path leading to it and comrades! It is a hard path but it is not an impossible one.

Alas, we are too used to luxuries and comforts to actually stay fixated over a goal; to show strength and drive on but we do not have that strength anymore.
We want the easy way out … so to say, the shortcuts of life but is life that easy?

Was Erdos looking for a shortcut when he spent his entire life solving math innuendos?
Did Curie poison herself with radioactivity after years of secluded work in vain?
Did Mandela spend his time in jail for the sake of the Apartheid so he could be safe?
Did Jinnah spend sleepless nights so he could enjoy comforts of already belonging from a comfortable background?

Again more questions but this time there are answers – They chose something as their goal. Setting a goal means getting challenged. Being driven means getting hurt and pushed beyond your limits. There was never a shortcut for success. This is a hard path but it’s a path made of principles. Patience remains a virtue and you must move forward knowing it will require your all.

As a Chinese proverb goes, “The will is lower and spirits feel more defeated just when you are about to succeed”.

Right now, we have challenges in our lives. Why live a mechanized life?
Why live in fear of the unknown when we can go out to explore them?

Be the Curies, Jinnahs, Mandelas and Erdos’ of our generation. Be disciplined and march ahead. Have a motive which will make your proud one day and be a reason for the change.

Don’t sit at home “liking” pages on Facebook or Tweet about them…have some courage to step out of your comfort zone and face your problems head on; you owe your conscience that.

Do not become the mechanized robot. Do not become another cog in the well oiled machine… there are many lifeless beings there already; their souls sucked out of them… their lives meaningless.

Maybe this is meaningless but for me it is not.
Flying was a dream once meaningless . . . now it is not.
Reaching the moon was a dream once meaningless . . . now it is not.
Freedom was a dream once meaningless in this region . . . now it is not.

Dare to dream. It’s the only challenge you have for your generation.

You have a choice.


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