The Fight

I walked across those empty streets,
People walked about, everyone looked lost,
I made my way towards the bend,
It looked different, I thought I remembered,

Forgotten perhaps, it had been a while,
I came across the places I used to go,
Somewhere I knew,

Sometimes I realized that I waded through,
But I have finally swam back to the shores,
The dream looks bright,
But the discipline is yet to hit prime,

The spark is in my eye,
It has been a while since I’ve fallen back on myself,
Held myself and made everything alright,
Today has been my crystal ball,

A magical time when I’ve fallen from grace,
But then regained my place,
The puzzles have made sense,
It seems like morning,

Spring in the fall, that’s what I’ll call it,
A time when I caught a break,
I’ll see you on the other side,

I’m traveling through the night,
But lights are blazing,
The journey continues,
My thoughts accompany me,
A smile on my face,

Its easier to be apart,
Easier to be the stranger staring back in the mirror,
I might as well give up,
But for all I know,
I don’t want to be that man,

I have a chance to get myself back on track,
My personal demons are raring to have a go,
I am standing here,
Waiting for the blows,

But this time . . .

I’ll be fighting back.



About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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