Its summer!!

….and I have time to write again! A few poems I wrote a while back…

AM I:-

Am I the failure?,
Do I deserve to be free?
Think by myself,
and make the best decisions I foresee?,

Foresight by hindsight,
I have always suffered by,
Always a tad out of step,
Only a bit of line.

This dandelion is just flowing in the wind,
The self pride is just wounded indignation,
But as all burns in flames,
Waiting for a phoenix to come out of the ashes for reconciliation,

Help is in need,
God gives it indeed,
You don’t know the price,
Unless you’ve been playing and gotten hurt indeed,

You don’t understand till you are winning,
But lose it once,
It bites into your soul,
It feeds into respite,
It gnaws at your pride,

And when your ego is hurt,
The pain tells u to learn by,
And reminds u that greatness,
Is only in the players temperament of mind.



About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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