Am I searching for the answers?
Am I looking through in vain?

Misinterpreted, led to undoing,
But I kept a brave face on,
It has served me well,
As far from heaven I have come,

Its hard to tell,
But I can still change who I am,
How I feel,
There is no end…

This is just me, but many similarly cant face the price,
Live through pride, but its a shattered mirror tested by time,
The smile and the lie,
Keeps you searching for a reason to live for,

You might come undone or atone for a higher price,
But you keep your pride,
There comes a time you cannot lie anymore,
An amputated soul cant fight till the end,

You might not need me to save you,
But you don’t turn your back on heaven.


About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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