Its been a while…

Its been a while I wrote,
Just for a bit, just a while,
To let out whats within me,
A moment in time trapped inside of me,

A limerick, a rhyme,
Sometimes nothing makes sense,
Nothing passes the time,
Its sublime how the brain makes you pay by commiserations of a corporal mind,

When things look hard,
Things are not going your way,
Are you ready to give up or ready to drive by,
Sometimes those lines do not seem to matter, don’t mind.

Its been a while I realized what went wrong,
What I was throwing myself into when I’d feel like I did not belong,
Might have not tried but could have not learnt,
There is a lesson in them all,

Its been a while I did not know,
What was fear, what was doubt,
What I could have attained,
But I lost along the way,

Its been a while I realized what I have,
With every closed door there is a new one I had,
If I only stop staring back and focused ahead,
Maybe I’ll get over the rut and make more of the chances I get.

Its been a while but I have been a shadow of myself,
Its been a while and I need to stop treading on known paths,
Its been a while I have trusted what I got,
Its been a while I have been myself  through it all.

Its time.

Its been a while.


About hackback

Everyday I'm shufflin.
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2 Responses to Its been a while…

  1. Doc says:

    I am going through ur blog after a very long time and I am pretty impressed! 😛 some of the posts are really thought-provoking..they are short and to the point..mixed some humour here and there..very interesting indeed.

    Keep it up!

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