This is Pakistan!!!

Today is Pakistan’s independence day..the 65th year of its tumultuous yet eventful life has started. However, this is the time of the year where the realization completes full circle that even though something is being done in our society, it is not enough to counter the negativity that still breeds within and beyond us all.

Terrorism, corruption, feudalism, failed politics, poor state of economy, poverty and unemployment are only the crust of a very sour cake. Food prices are going up and majority households are being forced to spend as much as 50-70% of their earnings on food alone.

No wonder stress on education is next to none. However, our education system has rusted over the years because of the failure of the authorities to upgrade books or encourage research based studies among its teachers. Rote learning has become the law of the day with lesser motivation to strive to learn by research or influence youngsters to experiment and learn in the process.

Nevertheless, I consider myself a lounge critic for saying the above and what I am about to say now because as I write this from the safety of my home, there are hungry people in my nation. There are powerless people who don’t dare speak in fear of retribution from our emotionally charged society.

So this year starts with a resolution. It is time for change but change starts from within. Iqbal wrote so long ago to wake the muslims from their slumber, but it is time we begin to treat our own ignorance. Its foolish to expect changes overnight but it has to happen eventually. Ultimately, take lessons from history..we have not done that.

Thank you for giving me a house, a shelter but most of all, freedom and space to cite my views and learn in exchange.
I might not know a lot about myself and life still has a lot to teach me but I do know this- I am a Pakistani..and a proud one at that.

The Quaid’s dream should not die in vain. Ameen.



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