The Return of Evanescence

Today MTV aired the official version of Evanescence’s new song, “What You Want” and I have to say it has blown me away.

I always felt their previous record lacked that diversity and sound that Ben Moody and Amy Lee had created in Fallen, however, this song contains just the right elements that defined Evanescence for me- meaningful lyrics, orchestra fused heavy guitars, a catchy drum beat and the operatic vocals that change seamlessly as the music shifts gears during the song.

It does seem that the band has got their act together and have delivered to the fans after much waiting (5 years in fact).
I do wish to add that What You Want remains one of the heaviest tracks to date which Evanescence have recorded. It will be interesting to see the long term prominence of this track and does it spell time for a slightly heavier Evanescence than what we all are used to?

However, one thing is for certain that Evanescence is back and they have not disappointed fans till now.

Song rating = 7.5/10 (Good and Catchy)

Also, here you go- happy listening!


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