Ranting from a confused individual

Its a dilemma..history is written by the victors. Everybody cheats and everyone will lie. Where the world preaches you the values of truth, it progresses a midst deceit.

We lived as animals yet we fine tuned ourselves as “humans” but the instinct never went away.
The instinct to act primal..the art of war only developed in terms of weaponry but the act remained the same- kill, terrorize, torture, handicap and maul the opponents.

In other words- we love to hunt.

However, regarding war, the question should not be, “When will this fighting end?” rather it should be, “Why it began?”

The usual suspects revolve around expansion and power but that is not it..we forget to bring in the problems of our egos.

Nations, tribes, people do not keep fighting because their history tells them too…they fight because people do not want to stop. Its the easier decision..the popular one.
“Why should we stop first?..they should!”
The popular sentiment indeed.

We have been through the era of mass graves, concentration camps and vowed never again..laws were made.
“Humanization” took a leap with the human rights commission, however, places like Kashmir, Gaza, Cechniya and Somalia hold a different story.

They bring forth a different truth..

People in power want to stay in power.

People in power will do anything to stay in power.

Anything…is a really loose term..

Mass rapes took place in far away places in Rwanda..but no one took any notice as long as economic powers got their fix of blood diamonds, minerals,  free trade routes and what not..Africa suffered through slavery and still does but no one vouches for it except for “kindred souls” and their fix of money which never reaches the affected people.

As Pakistan self destructs into the chaos that is terrorism..it only gets blamed instead of getting a remedy to treat the monster it was made to create not so long ago.
Although..some blame Pakistan deserves..correction- not Pakistan but its people deserve..because many of us have developed the sick habit to beg..beg in front of the west..beg in the east..beg for resources and our lives. All help is good help in our view but in the process we are ignoring the true power to help ourselves.

But that is another topic…for now, my conclusion lies with Michael Heart and his song on Gaza..

The message you should learn- We will not go down in the night without a fight.

In words of the Quaid – “Expect the best, Prepare for the worst.”

Giving up was never an option. However, it depends on one’s virtue to bring to life the principles of dignity and honor.

Animals can be trained to be civil..it is finally time to train ourselves as well.


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