The red star

She gazed across the room,
Her eyes wide with shock,
Her body numb with fear,
A soldier stood in her doorway,

Standing up , reflecting tall,
His eyes shone coldness,
But that face was so young,
“Oh my boy what have you done?”

She cried out as she stood up,
“Forgive me mama, for I have to go save some,
It is a difficult time and we barely get by..”,
“So you are going to get killed son?”,

“No, my mother, it is not such grave a word,
Dying for your country is an honor,
Not an omen you should move away from,
In time of its need, if I don’t go,
Who will help this sorry nation back on its toes?”,

“But you are all that I have left,
You are everything I got,
The state understood it,
But why are you so adamant to step into waters you know you can swim not?”,

“But mamma, Don’t you remember?,
Dad’s words of ‘don’t surrender!’,
As he left for war, he told us to stand tall,
Never to bow in front of foreign forces at all!

I understand my time is ripe, but,
My aspirations aside,
I want to fight for your safety,
And dad’s pride,
I can’t live with myself, picturing you in chains,
Powerless and in disarray, in some foreign hand,
Helpless and beyond solace,
I won’t be able to comfort you then,
But now I go assuredly that I played my part,
Paid my dues and by God, I won’t let you see that day, no one should,

So Mama, I ask your permission  to let your son stand tall,
Remember him in your prayers so he can carry on”,

Her hands trembled for a bit,
Her whole body shook as she wiped tears off her face,
She tried to smile but the sadness was apparent,
“Son, why this paradox at this time of torment?,
You are asking me to give my life in both the contexts,
For the love of the nation or for the love of my son,
In memory of your father’s words, never forgotten,
I cannot stop you, go if you will,
But remember, a red star will spell the end for both our perils,
I will say no more, I cannot say no more,
Go, before my heart breaks itself anymore.”

It was a silent moment that followed,
A ruffle ensued as the soldier picked up his bayonet,
He gave her a kiss as he went out,
Tears streaming down their faces,
The son…the man, was walking out.


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