Just a thought…Pakistan’s hudood ordinance reads that a woman who appeals that she has been raped has to produce 4 male witnesses.

Now refer to Surah Nur (24:6) : “And those who accuse chaste women and then do not                                                               produce four witnesses – lash them with eighty lashes                                                               and do not accept from them testimony ever after.                                                                    And those are the defiantly disobedient,”

Why only male witnesses?
And a lot of other questions do arise in a persons mind after reading the whole ordinance but no one really is comfortable with explaining these laws and an apparent backlash seems imminent for any one who dares to ponder over it.

So one might think..you don’t have the right to question and your freedom feels threatened as you are cautious to share your thoughts..I don’t think any religion allows that.

The divine laws do not err but as Tom Arraya, lead vocalist of the death metal band Slayer, once put it when asked about evil and religion,
” Evil is everywhere. Everyone has got it. It sits really deep within everybody. Some people cannot control it as much as some others but I think it is there.”
“Now, regardless of whatever fu*king religion you believe in, whatever you believe it is right; everyone knows what is wrong. Everyone knows there are wrong things…there are things you do not do and the people who do not do that or do not believe that are people who I believe are not connected with themselves spiritually. No matter what the f**k you believe in.”
Man is limited by his own thoughts..I believe that should not be forgotten.


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