Pakistan- swallowed by the irony

I have been talking to many people from the Pakistani community here in Belgium and elsewhere where I have been travelling and I see a sorry pattern developing.
Long gone are the days where people used weather as an ice breaker to initiate talks. Although that was lame too but now hearing people start off with, “ Pakistan mai aaj *yeh* ho gia..”
And bang!! the two people start talking about Pakistan and its negative impression with so much enthusiasm as they were old friends catching up on college days.

I don’t mean to say that all is well back home but all is not lost either. People are finally getting to know the wrong sides and the right ones as their eyes are being opened by the circumstances.

The army might not be the holy grail as it was once thought to be and democratically elected governments still need some sense and grit while making good policies. However, what we need is change and change only starts from the personal domain.

I recently met a few people of Senegal along with some Pakistani counterparts but I was surprised to hear them speak so highly of their country (considering it is a much poorer and derided state than Pakistan) and all that while the Pakistani’s were “ice breaking” (oh! the irony). However, then I heard the gem, “How can we talk bad of a country which has made us who we are today?”

It was indeed one of people from the Senegalese party and those words just made so much sense.

True Pakistan has had its lows and is at an ultimate low these days. I won’t divulge into them but you know the list – corruption and dis unity in many parts of the country are only the icing of that large, bitter cake.

However, I don’t mean that one should just accept everything that is happening. Question it, ponder over it, discuss it..but don’t diss it. If Pakistan needed more negativity, it already has a bucketload of nations on its west (and on its east) to help on that forum. What it needs from us is the vision, the passion and the hard work to come out of its current debacle and move forward.

Somehow..someway..this is the role of my generation and this, I believe, is youth empowerment.

If we do not act who will? gone are the days when God sent prophets and angels to fix what was going wrong. Even we need to stop relying on “God will do best” because frankly, even God needs a break when we don’t want to help ourselves.

Personal change…remember those words. It starts from within and then to the society and beyond.
Pakistan saved us when we needed a shelter and an identity. It is time we saved its honor in return.


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4 Responses to Pakistan- swallowed by the irony

  1. Anum says:

    Couldn’t agree more! I’m pretty sick of hearing people complain and whine. its about time something should be done about it. the only question is: where do we start?

  2. eating red grapes says:

    Deep thoughts…I agree with what you have to say and I am impressed with the people from Senegal for supporting their country. I guess the reason why most of the Pakistanis are pessimistic about Pakistan is because of the media. Every news channel we switch on to, we see the same old story…the same politcal rhetoric playing over and over again from different angles. The media does not show the good aspects of Pak, or even if it does, the ratio of good to bad is significantly low. And we believe in whatever is fed to us, without thinking, without reflecting over it.. In the end, you see that not only the West but our very own people have nothing but criticisms for our country….

  3. neel123 says:

    Those Pakistanis who think PR exercise is the need of the hour for Pakistan and a good media (mis) information campaign can do a lot of impact to change the global image of Pakistan are living in denial. Simply spreading lies will not change anything for Pakistan, it is time to acknowledge the truth about Pakistan’s complicity in terrorism in public and accept responsibilities for the mistakes committed in the name of Islam and Allah.

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