The sacrifice

This is just a short story I wrote a while back..just wanted to re-post it to make it “official” on ze blog (that sounds cool somehow =P )

The Sacrifice


The call went unanswered.

She called out again but was again met with silence. Covering her head with a dupatta, she got up from her bed and made her way towards the door. She creaked it open a bit and sneaked a look outside; her father was sitting in front of her. As she was about to call him out again, soft voices erupted from the other side of the room but she did not recognize them.

“Who is that?” she wondered. She could not open the door more but she could only see her father’s figure. The hunched shoulders and the sudden twitching in his hands only meant bad news.
Her body tensed as she strived to listen. Why was her father, who was normally so composed, so nervous with these people and who where they?

The voices were soft and she only caught words and phrases,

“Money..Yes…don’t talk unnecessarily…”
She tip toed a bit lose to the door, straining to listen. Her father spoke out, “But my daughter…”
“Don’t talk so loud!” The voice thundered and suddenly grew venomous as her father quieted down and sat back in his place in a haze.
“Don’t you understand, this is necessary for your life?” The voice grew into a whisper again.
She tip toed closer, distressed after seeing the defeated look her father’s face, ”why is he so worried?”

“Prosperity for you is necessary…” She could not make out the whole phrase. She tried to open the door a bit more…her father was sweating now, a hand appeared on his shoulder and the voice declared, “She will no longer worry you as won’t the money. It is…”
Suddenly her hand slipped, pushing the door open. The creaking exposed her as she stood transfixed at her father and their landlord.  She quickly tried to cover her face and rush inside but the landlord said, “Stop Zubeida! You don’t do that with me anymore!.”

And with that it suddenly dawned upon her what had happened. Her father’s prosperity and his dignity were going to be saved. Tears started to flow down her eyes. That prosperity required a sacrifice; such had been the landlord’s conditions when he had lent her father the money. He had not been able to pay it back and now…No!

She tried to block her thoughts when the voice broke through, “Be ready in six days time, I will come for you.”

Indeed, she had become the sacrifice.


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