The Price

So it is poem time..and the topic of today’s poem is-

“The Price”

He was a threat to the world,                                                                 
As a figment of his imagination,                                                 
His thoughts were the canon,                                
His vision- the gun,

Left alone under the tyrant sun,
They first enticed him, then belittled him,
Seemingly they thought to break him,
His thoughts they wanted to penetrate,


His soul refused to bend,
His heart refused to yield,
He did not answer,
He left the accusations to bleed,

Such are the games they play my son,
Freedom of any man is a threat,
Of the mind, of your speech,
Independence is just not your right,
At least that is what they ultimately preach,

He was just a simple man,
But labeled as a social outcast my son,
Shunned by society for ignoring its norms,
They win through your ignorance after all.                                  

        courtesy: google images

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