The talk

Today I was listening to Fasi Zaka’s TEDx talk, which was held in Karachi, sometime back. For those who do not know, born in 1976 Fasi is a Rhode’s scholar who has attended the University of Oxford and is often cited as a political humorist and satirist. Moreover, among his many public and private work endeavors he has worked with the World Bank, ADCOM and the British Council.

Needless to say, the guy’s sense of humor and witty nature is a charm and he lights up any show he is on. He is currently working on the education emergency in Pakistan. But first…just give it a thought – do you have an idea how much of an emergency is it?

Let me give you an idea,

The budget set aside for Pakistan’s education this fiscal year equivalent to the spending done by Pakistan’s military in one day which is about 1.35 billion rupees.
Some other “fun facts” include Rs. 8.60 million per day on the President and the Prime minister, Rs. 7.8 million per day on the Senate and National Assembly but only a measly Rs. 300, 000 per day to take care of basic human rights.

Tells a lot where my country is running off to huh?

I don’t know why..I really cannot explain why but I am optimistic when I see people like Fasi and other reasonable people that all hope is not lost. It gives me strength that I need to keep that hope alive and do my best in my education and continue what I am doing with passion and hard work. Pakistan needs to get back on its feet and mend its ways.

It was less than 25 years ago, as my parents tell me, that when instead of Pakistani students venturing off to China, Malaysia or Singapore- their students were opting to come here to study from our universities.

But alas, the universities have not been upgraded as times have passed by; neither have the professors bothered to update themselves. Even the secondary school course has become out-dated by now.

An easy lunch..that has become the order of the day. Pakistani’s have lost their passion and their will to survive and improve while corruption, ill will and fanaticism of all kind has taken control.

When will this control end?….I don’t know.

Will this control ever end?…I am sure it can.

Live to make a difference people…in your own capacities, in your own societies.

Live to be remembered.

That is all I will embark upon today.


P.s. Enjoy Fasi’s talk on TEDx.


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