The introduction

Me & Antwerp

So today I finally heeded a friend’s advice and am starting with my blog. I am afraid that the lazy guy I am, I will probably do this for a few days and then let this endeavor rot for all eternity to come. However, I don’t know..I have a bit of ADHD..this is just a way to get over  that by concentrating on a habit for a while in a proper manner. So fingers crossed- here I go!

Introductions first- hello world! I am Hasan. A sophomore from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan and am majoring in Electrical Engineering and hopefully with a minor in Biology. Hopefully because I have no news about my electives yet (so fingers crossed there too).

I love to write. It is a passion that I have always held. I have also neglected it for a long time so starting today, I am hoping to come clean and give it the time it deserves. My aim is to post my stories, poems and my random thoughts when I get to because this blog is more of my catharsis than anything else. If someone reads this and provides critique, hats off to you and my respect is for you. If not…then I guess I’ll just have to beg some friends to cross over to the dark side and read something sometime =P (Like Chandler from friends..I have an awkward sense of humor sometimes. Its a defense mechanism =P)

So read on..hopefully you will like what you read. Cheers!


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3 Responses to The introduction

  1. yasarqamar says:

    Hello Hasan!

    Hope this finds you in good spirits :). I just came to your blog after a facebook link that you shared. I’m really glad you’ve begun to blog (so hello fellow blogger). Good luck with it and keep it coming.


  2. Jaweria says:

    It is all so amazing Hasan boy. I have always been impressed by your creative and intellectual side and all this just reinforces that fact that I have every reason to be so. A lot of stuff up there actually gave me goosebumps. Keep it up. There are very few like you out there now. =p

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